February 2007 a small group of traders and NYSE specialists created the NY Method and forever changed the game of trading.

You're about to get access to a little-know trading system that  makes stock trading easier (by following the smart money)

STOP worrying about trading losses...

One of the biggest mistakes that stock traders make is to give too much attention to losses.

The truth is most traders are unprofitable because their focus is to avoid losses. You get what you focus on.

Using our strategy, THE NY METHOD, we flip the script.

Our focus is on maximizing the winners.

When you make more on the winners, the losses simply become a business expense.

Think about it - if your business has massive profits, paying the electric bill is no big deal right?

Isn't it a fact, some trades are simply better than others? Finding those trades, and HOLDING them, makes trading a lot easier.

That's what makes the NY Method different. We focus on trades with existing demand. And we have a system for maximizing the winners.

If you're ready for something new, I'd like to coach you for the next 30 days, AND give you my exact entries and exits... for both day trades and swing trades.

Hi, I'm Pete Renzulli.
I learned the secret February 2007, and everything instantly changed. It was the same stock market, but the view was different. And so were my results.

I was no longer afraid, confused or overwhelmed, my winners are consistently bigger.
I found confidence because I was finally see beyond the noise.

What separates this information is that it’s based on real people.
Real people, real money, real traders. Traders just like yourself.

This coaching program examines how to move from chart reader to trader.

The NY Method introduces 3 Core Concepts:
How much do you want to earn?

Find the Smart Money.
Learn to manage the trade.

Over twenty years of experience gives me a unique insight into why you finally become successful. And why you could always feel close but never get profitable. 

My career as a proprietary trader, mentor, owning two trading firms in NYC, and my fourteen years as a trading educator, is now in your hands.

I’ve worked with complete newbies scared to place an order, and those earning a reliable million dollars per year.

There’s nothing I haven’t seen or done, and the biggest lesson? Working myself to the bone, wasn’t the answer.

Hard work helps, but it's not necessary to earn money trading order flow.
Understanding the information you see is what is really needed.
Once you learn these three steps, trading becomes easy, even fun.



Real-time Communities and Alerts for Both 
Day Trading and Swing Trading

  • Get Pete's exact entry and exits. Members receive over 50 trade ideas per week.

  • Real-time community that provides stock picks, entries and exits. Have real-time conversations about trades you are considering or are in our chatroom.

Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Coaching Call: Twice a week coaching calls! Beginners calls are currently scheduled for Wednesdays at 4:30pm EDT and all levels Order Flow coaching are scheduled for Mondays at 6pm EDT.
    *schedule is subject to change

  • Each call lasts as long as there are questions! No time limit. Come to the meeting prepared and you get maximum value out of the coaching. 

  • Coaching Call Archive: New training sessions loaded into our member forum for easy access. Study on your time! Improve your skills with current market conditions.

Foundations in Tape Reading

  • A quick home study course that helps you learn how to read the tape so you can fully understand the method behind Pete's trade ideas.

  • Get a foundational understanding of tape reading so you can enter the real time training with confidence.

  • Go into the day (and week) with trades deemed worthy of your capital and your attention.

The NY Method 30-Day Bootcamp $295


Your 30 Day Boot Camp starts on the day of purchase and
runs for 30 calendar days, not a calendar month. 


Enroll Today

Anyone who knows Pete, knows he likes to over-deliver.
So he's lined up some amazing bonuses for you!

Nightly Prep Done for You

  • Each night Pete shares his prep work with you. He does the research, finds his top stock picks based on order flow, daily sector rotation and outlines his game plan in an easy to follow video.

STP Morning Radio

  • Feel like you're on Pete's NYC trading floor! Pete broadcasts live into the day trading floor every market morning 9:30am EDT - 11am EDT.

  • Keep your speakers on or your headphones in and you'll hear him speak when a stock that the community is watching is making a move

Foundations in Order Flow Online Course

  • Module 1 - Core Knowledge and Skills: How to dream big, set goals and gain the experience required to become a successful active trader.

  • Module 2 - How to Become The Smart Money: Interpret order flow and master the skill of tape reading. Move from chart reader to tape reader.

  • Module 3 - What to do Between Entry and Exit: A step-by-step system to maximize your winning trades.

Weekly Day Trade Review Sessions

  • Pete reviews day trade ideas and his thought process behind them in a weekly session. It's a great opportunity to check in specifically on your day trade ideas as well.

Weekly Swing Trade Review Sessions

  • A weekly review session on Pete's swing trade ideas as well as any swing trade ideas based in order flow that you want reviewed. 

BRAND NEW - Options Channel

  • Pete strictly trades stocks only, but many members of the community use his strategy to trade options. This is a brand new channel for experienced members to help each other with their options ideas. 

E-Book Downloads

  • Lessons in Tape Reading. The core principles behind price action, volume and what happens between entry and exit. Reading the tape is the missing link for struggling charts readers who know everything, but can't make a dime. Experience what it feels like to wake up each day  EXPECTING to get paid. 

  • How Winning Traders Think. A life-changing report inspired from the days Pete owned my trading firm in NYC. The mental aspect of trading separates those who shine from those who crumble at the first sign of adversity. Learn what it takes to maintain absolute confidence fueled by a burning desire. 

  • The Taylor Notes. Inspired by a rare book written in 1955 by a grain trader in Chicago. The technique drove me to develop reliable tape reading principles that have generated a small fortune. The notes focus on mastering price action on a day-by-day basis and developing the skills to forecast the next day of trading. 

Swing Trade Portfolio

  • Follow Pete's model portfolio. Each trade idea, entry price, stop loss and updates in a journal format.

The NY Method 30-Day Bootcamp $295


Your 30 Day Boot Camp starts on the day of purchase and
runs for 30 calendar days, not a calendar month. 


Enroll Today