What you're about to discover will never be shown 
on any major news network.

ORDER FLOW (smart money footprints) is the reason why some traders almost always seem to make money.

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Find and Follow the Deep Pockets That Move Your Favorite Stocks

Step One = Read the footprints and spot which stocks have the attention of the BIG MONEY.

Step Two = Read the Order Flow and decide on profit targets.

Step Three = Piggyback the next wave of buying pressure and manage the trade.

With 20 years of trading experience Pete knows what it takes to become a profitable stock trader.

His firm Keystone Trading in NYC profitably traded over 500 million shares per month, with nearly 300 traders allocating his capital to the markets.

Pete created the NY Method trading strategy in a legendary collaboration with 25 former New York Stock Exchange specialists, floor clerks and brokers. The system became the standard for active stock traders.

To date, he has trained over 10,000 traders with a huge success rates unlike anyone in the industry.

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Top traders read the order flow...following the deep pockets on Wall St. and piggybacking their research.

Order flow shows you how to spot the large buy and sell orders that move the market. That helps you earn more on your winning trades.

This 97 year old trading method is known by a select few with access to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

With order flow, each trade becomes obvious. Which trades to take, and which trades to avoid.
You don't have to fight the algorithms, because order flow takes you above their nonsense.

You're no longer afraid, confused or overwhelmed, and your winners are consistently bigger. You're confident because you finally see beyond the noise.

Once you understand Order Flow, trading becomes fun again.